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Join us for Hibernator 4.0 Bike & Run!

October 15th, 2022

A baddass homegrown mixed-terrain gravel bike & run race in the heart of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

About the Race

The Hibernator is more about the course, and less about the after party. Sure, we'll feed you amazing farm food and drop plenty of fist pumps once you cross the finish line, however we want you to remember us for the ride. You will be challenged during an epic fall day climbing & descending in and around our back yard. read more >>

What to Expect

We are more than a gravel race.

This is

Choose your cave

100k+ Bike
11,000' vertical

As nasty as we can make it with all the climby climbs and knarly knar. Get trained and come prepared.

100k Bike
8,000' vertical

Our version of a true mixed-terrain metric century with plenty of climbs and epic adventure.

50k Bike
5,000' vertical

A solid gravel experience for those looking for a bit less distance & knar in Northeast Kingdom fashion.

MTB Epic 50
4,800' Vertical

An epic loop combining the best of Kingdom Trails & Burke Mountain with gravel connectors.

10k Run
Vertical TBD

A scenic 10k on beautiful roads in the heart of the North East Kingdom of Vermont.

Hibernator Marathon Run
Vertical TBD

A knarly tough marathon in the heart of the North East Kingdom of Vermont.

The Word on the Dirt

We are fortunate to have such hearty terrain to push our limits. I will be back next year if you do a 4.0 version. I hope there is a + option because that is what I'm going to train for.


Thanks so much for putting on the event yesterday! That course was incredible - definitely one of the best rides around. Keep up the good work and thanks again!


Matthias and I would like to thank you for an amazing day. The venue was wonderful and the hosts incredibly charming and friendly. The mtb epic course was really tough, but very well planned out (dead moose abuse was just too much for me, especially 35 miles in, when I think coordination and reflexes may not be full-on. The grassy climbs at the end were heinous but hey, that’s what we signed up for so fair enough! The post-ride food was just incredible! I think it might just be the best I’ve ever had and I’ve been to a ton of events!

Joanna & Matthias

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